Visit us

you'll find circuit at palazzo verde on nieuw zuid.

jef cassiersstraat 29  
2000 antwerpen (nieuw zuid)  
03 620 29 93 

how to get there

opening hours 
circuit is open every day, please check the opening hours per unit for more detailed information.  you’ll find them at our residents page.   

how to get there? 
you’ll reach circuit by bike, foot or public transportation  

bus: troonplaats (bus 180, 181, 182 en 183) – balansstraat (bus 30) broedermin (bus 13 en 14)  
tram: bolivarplaats (tram 1 en 4) – broedermin (tram 10)  
train: station antwerpen zuid  

finding your way in circuit

Grondplan versie 18 02