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be the fibre in an initiative of wereld missie hulp. with be the fibre they sustainably process collected textiles that can’t be reused and make them into great accessories.  

how? the fibres are extracted from the fabric and spun to a new thread. this thread is used to create new fabrics, that are in their turn transformed to beautiful accessories. even the leather details come from ‘waste’ created by a leather business. wereld missie hulp strives to make an impact with this project and push off the sustainable movement in the textile sector.  

their profits are essentially invested in development projects, continuing creating a positive impact to society.  

sustainable criteria   

- product is made from residue flows of existing material  

- product can be easily destructed to its separate components and materials.   

- clear and distinctive actions are undertaken to minimize carbon footprint in transport, constructed from a sense of sustainability  

- packaging is verifiable recyclable