18062021 Circuit B 33

your first steps towards a sustainable world start here. at circuit, and we keep on going. because that’s what circuit is all about, creating a long life for the resources we use on during our time on this earth. together with you, we can create a united front.  

circuit is a circular playground from everybody that is looking for a broad and reusable supply(aanbod), from diy to buy-it-here. together we start with the first steps to a more sustainable life: shop in our secondhand store from the kringwinkel or purchase your favourite circular and local products. simultaneously, you can follow a workshop creating your own sustainable beauty products, bring you bike in for a quick repair or shop for a sustainable bouquet of flowers: at circuit you can do so. 

more of a social person, looking for a face-to-face meeting? you’re very welcome in our coffee bar. maybe even after you had your hair done by our sustainable hairdresser, or just have a coffee while you wait for your bike to be repaired. 

sustainable and circular businesses also get a chance to have their product and philosophy grow with their audience at circuit. discover our residents and find out how you can be a part of our durable community.  

circuit is our eco-system that creates the next step for the kringwinkel, sustainable businesses and you. together we close the loop.   

circuit is part of europese project circulair zuid, empowering people to smart and lesser usage of energy, water and materials. circulair zuid is an initiative of de stad antwerpen, partnering with de kringwinkel antwerpen, vito/energyville, energieid, imec, pantopicon, digipolis, ecopower. with support of the vlaamse stadsvernieuwingsfonds and the europese urban innovative actions program.  



circuit is situated in palazzo verde on nieuw zuid. a beautiful vertical green building by italian arcitect stefano boeri, where nature and the city are seamlessly connected. the circulair interior is created by Ghent collective onbetaalbaar.